Customer Testimonials

“Everything you need in one store.”  ~Craig

“This store is great!  Excellent for staples or finding that super elusive ingredient.  I love to cook and it is impossible to find items like harissa, zatar, quark, duck confit, or ground buffalo in most places, not to mention only a few aisles away from all the basics like milk and toilet paper!” ~Carol

 “A foodie haven!  Forget Whole Foods, don’t even bother mentioning Trader Joe’s, this is the cat’s meow when it comes to specialty!” ~Fannie

 “The kids at Customer Service know their stuff!  Was in the store the other day and a Lebanese gentleman was looking for something but didn’t know the English word for it.  Lovely girl at Customer Service knew exactly what he was looking for and found it in the store for him within 5 minutes!  Great product knowledge and Customer Service!” ~Frank

Recently we offered $10.00 off a $100.00 purchase, this is the wonderful response we received:

          “I believe that your store is ‘TOPS’ in our community.  Your fruit and vegetables are fresh.  Your bakery is better than”…(local bakeries).  “Deals like the one noted below are great discounts.  The prepared foods and “take out” food is unmatched.  The store is clean, reviewed for layout and rearranged.  The staff is excellent and very helpful.  I love my discount for the food I buy.”  ~Ross