“Get The V.I.P. Treatment!”

                At Ashley Marketplace we treat all of our customers as VIP’s, we wouldn’t be here without you.  Next time you are in the store you should sign up for some extra special savings!

                With an Ashley Marketplace VIP card you can accrue points for every purchase you make, 1 point per dollar, and once you reach 200 points you will get $5.00 taken off your next purchase of $5.00 or more! 

In addition to access to this special offer, if you provide your email address you can receive a preview of the weekly specials every Friday, the day before they start!  No spam here, just once a week specials and occasional giveaways and coupons! 

Are you 55 years young?

Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone, but if you are and also have a VIP card you get 10% off your entire purchase every Tuesday!  You can also accrue points towards the $5.00 off reward!

If you are a Pirate, please stand up!

That’s right Seton Hall, students and faculty who are VIP members get 10% off their purchases AND we accept Pirate’s Gold!

Are You A Lifetime Fitness Member?

            Lucky for you we’ve got all the healthy, organic, high protein items you are looking for after hitting the gym!  As a VIP member and a member of Lifetime Fitness you are entitled to 10% off all of your purchases.

 **10% off discounts do not apply towards Seafood or Sushi purchases.