Here are our latest Manager’s Choices!  

We asked our managers to pick one of their favorite items and tell us a little bit about it!

Martin our in-house Butcher and Manager of the Meat Department is a local celebrity of sorts and posed for a picture with his hand cut Cowboy Steaks.

I had to ask, what is a Cowboy Steak and what makes it unique?  Martin told me a Cowboy Steak is a bone-in rib eye with a raw bone attached and is between 2 and 3 inches thick, now that’s a lot of meat!  This cut is a grill-lover’s dream coming out tender and juicy thanks to generous marbling.  The trick to cooking this bad boy is letting it rest at room temp before placing on the grill so that it cooks evenly.  


Next we moseyed on over to the Produce Department to check on the exciting new tropicals coming in.  First choice: Dragonfruit!  This unusual fruit is bright pink and the skin (inedible) has the appearance of scales (hence the dragon reference).  I was surprised to learn that Dragonfruit is actually the fruit of a cactus grown in parts of Southeast Asia, Mexico, and South America.  To eat a Dragon fruit the best way is to slice it in half and scoop out the inside, much the way you would eat an avocado.  The texture of the flesh is sweet and slightly crisp and the flavor is reminiscent of kiwis and pears.


Next stop on the tour:  our Deli!  When asked what their favorite item was our deli clerks instantly said, “Prosciutto!”  They pulled out a whole Prosciutto di Parma for my inspection and explained that the delicate salty flavor and soft yet chewy texture from the aging process helped make it the top of their list.  Summer is finally here which is the perfect season for serving prosciutto.  My personal favorite appetizer is grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto but you can also pair it with melon for a refreshing treat!


Located right next to our specialty Deli is our Cheese Monger!  We asked our resident cheese expert for their pick of the week and their choice was Fleur Vert.  This fresh goat cheese is covered in a variety of herbs and pink peppercorns that add a delicate fragrance and freshness without overpowering the cheese.  Not only visually appealing, the soft cheesecake-like texture of this cheese is a great crowd-pleaser and is great as the centerpiece of your next cheese platter!


Did someone say CHEESECAKE!?!  There is always room for cheesecake, especially ours!  Our Bakery Manager picked our housemade cheesecakes as her Manager’s Choice because they simply can’t be beat.  We make our cheesecakes fresh in house from scratch and decorate them with fresh fruit every day.  With plenty of delicious fresh fruit and a super creamy center, we love this as our Bakery pick.  Not in the mood to share?  We have mini ones too!


Last stop this week was at our fish counter with Freeman’s Fish, a satellite location for their Maplewood Store.  Their pick of the week was whole red snapper, mmmmm s’very tasty…(any UHF fans? No?  Classic movie, you should watch it).  Anyhue, Freeman’s told me that this is a GREAT grill item, perfect for summer.  The best way to grill a whole red snapper is to cut slits in the skin, season, and stuff the cavity with something tasty like tomatoes or lemons, yum!